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Happy Sunshine Kids Pre-School & Infant Center


Here's what people are saying about HSK

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Lozanos1 at Citysearch:


November 11, 2009

* Happy Sunshine Kids is like a hidden gem. No-one knows it's there, but it is the absolute best in town.

* It's a luxury pre-school.

* Most hygienically clean in the area.

* Safest around. Buzzed to get in through the front door.

* Beautiful, purpose built building.

* Owner built it for her kids, so not a penny was saved.

* Approximately 2 million spent. Top of the line of everything.

* Specialized rooms for Dance, Music, Art, Drama and Outside Sports Courts as well as the regular pre-school rooms.

* Excellent teaching staff, mostly director qualified. No training teachers to make mistakes on our kids.

* Friendly, welcoming, homey atmosphere

* Terrific lesson plans, curriculum and schedules.

* 100% success rate of getting kids into parents 1st choice of private elementary schools.

* Hot lunch program from Whole Foods.

* You should take a tour with Ms. Sarah and decide for yourself. You will be really pleased you did.

Pros:  Best pre-school and infant center in town

Cons: None


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October 14, 2009

I cannot say enough great things about Happy Sunshine Kids.

We had a tough time finding a good daycare for my son.  We checked out Happy Sunshine Kids when I was pregnant and I absolutely loved it, but it was pricey.  There were cheaper options and I just couldn't wrap my head around spending so much on daycare.  So - we went with an in-home daycare that was less expensive.  My son did ok there but we eventually moved him to another larger "chain" preschool.  It was not right for us.  Actually, it was pretty awful.  My son was constantly sick and I got a call to pick him up every single day for various reasons that did not warrant a phone call.  

After freaking out for a few days not knowing what to do, I went with my gut and called "this amazing place I visited while I was pregnant" - Happy Sunshine Kids.  We decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra money and boy are we GLAD we did!  My son is currently in the infant room but will move to room 2 next month.  He was been at HSK 7 months and he is SO happy there.  His teachers, Ms Susie & Ms Jennifer are absolutely wonderful.  For the first time, I feel like his teachers appreciate my son's vibrant personality and they respect the little person that he is.  They have taught him so much (he always has new words or new songs!) and I always have felt like they communicate very well with me.  I know that if I have a question or concern, I can go to them and they will be honest with me.  The school is very organized and well managed.  My son has many food allergies and they have been very careful with him to make sure he stays safe.  Actually, his teacher is very familiar with allergies, and has given us some great pointers to boot.

I was a bit concerned at one point because kids were leaving and teachers were being let go.  I expressed my concerns and I feel like they were addressed and taken care of. The school is very much alive & kicking.  I am 100% confident in the abilities of the teachers at HSK.  My family is SO grateful to have found them.


"Happy Sunshine Kids Shine,... They Have a Bright Future!"

Please PHONE MS. SARAH to book your private tour TODAY!

You'll be pleased you did!

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